"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


PLEASE NOTE: Fr. Bill Midgett will be away on sabbatical over the summer and consequently, no new sermons will be posted after May 27, 2018. Postings should resume again sometime during Septemer 2018. We pray this outreach ministry will continue to be a blessing to you and others who access this site.To God be the Glory!!


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03/30/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Centurion's Witness of Jesus the Christ
Good Friday Service Yr B John 19:1-37
Spoken from the viewpoint of a Roman Centurion's witness many years later
Good_Friday_Yr_B_033018_A_Centurion_s_Witness_of_Jesus_the_Christ.WMA Download Good_Friday_Yr_B_033018_A_Centurion_s_Witness_of_Jesus_the_Christ.WMA
03/01/2017Rev Bill Midgett A Day to Remember
Ash Wednesday Service Joel 2:1-2, 12-14
Ash_Wednesday_030117_A_Day_to_Remember.WMA Download Ash_Wednesday_030117_A_Day_to_Remember.WMA
02/22/2015Rev Bill Midgett A Day To Remember That We Are Dust And To Dust We Shall Return
Sunday Service Lent 1B with AW liturgy Joel 2:1-2, 12-17; Psalm 103:8-14
Lent_1B_with_AW_Liturgy_022215_A_Day_To_Remember_That_We_Are_Dust_And_To_Dust_We_Shall_Return.WMA Download Lent_1B_with_AW_Liturgy_022215_A_Day_To_Remember_That_We_Are_Dust_And_To_Dust_We_Shall_Return.WMA
03/25/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Family's First Trip to Jerusalem For Passover - More Than Expected
Sunday Service Palm Sunday Yr B Mark 11:1-11; 14:32-15:47
Spoken from the viewpoint of a first time visit to Jerusalem just prior to and at the time of Passover
Palm_Sunday_B_032518_A_Family_s_First_Trip_to_Jerusalem_at_Passover.WMA Download Palm_Sunday_B_032518_A_Family_s_First_Trip_to_Jerusalem_at_Passover.WMA
02/23/2014Rev. Bill Midgett A Game Changer, Learning to Live the Law of the Kingdom
Sunday Service Epiphany 7A Matthew 5:38-48
Epiphany_7A_022314_A_Game_Changer_-_Learning_to_Live_the_Law_of_the_Kingdom.WMA Download Epiphany_7A_022314_A_Game_Changer_-_Learning_to_Live_the_Law_of_the_Kingdom.WMA
03/18/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Gentile Hears the Gospel and Witnesses More Than Expected
Sunday Service Lent 5B John 12:20-36
Spoken from the viewpoint of what a Gentile witnesses.
Lent_5B_031818_A_Gentile_Hears_the_Gospel_and_Witnesses_More_Than_Expected.WMA Download Lent_5B_031818_A_Gentile_Hears_the_Gospel_and_Witnesses_More_Than_Expected.WMA

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