"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


PLEASE NOTE: Fr. Bill Midgett will be away on sabbatical over the summer and consequently, no new sermons will be posted after May 27, 2018. Postings should resume again sometime during Septemer 2018. We pray this outreach ministry will continue to be a blessing to you and others who access this site.To God be the Glory!!


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05/15/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Are We Listening to the Good Shepherd's Voice or to Unbelief
Sunday Service Easter 4A John 10:1-11
Easter_4A_051511_Are_We_Listening_to_the_Good_Shepherd_s_Voice_or_to_Unbelief.WMA Download Easter_4A_051511_Are_We_Listening_to_the_Good_Shepherd_s_Voice_or_to_Unbelief.WMA
05/22/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Are We Relevant with Our Belief in Jesus?
Sunday Service Easter 5A John 14:1-14
Easter_5A_052211_Are_We_Relevant_with_Our_Belief_in_Jesus.WMA Download Easter_5A_052211_Are_We_Relevant_with_Our_Belief_in_Jesus.WMA
05/29/2011Rev. Bill Midgett All About Praise to God, Allelu-jah!
Sunday Service Easter 6A Psalms 148
Easter_6A_052911_All_About_Praise_to_God_Allelu-jah.WMA Download Easter_6A_052911_All_About_Praise_to_God_Allelu-jah.WMA
06/12/2011Rev. Bill Midgett A Holy Expectancy and Conviction
Pentecost Sunday John 14:8-17 and Acts 2:1-11
Pentecost_Sunday_A_061211_A_Holy_Expectancy_and_Conviction.WMA Download Pentecost_Sunday_A_061211_A_Holy_Expectancy_and_Conviction.WMA
06/19/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Being a Father with the Lord Jesus Christ
Trinity Sunday Worship Service Genesis 1:1-2:3; Matt. 28:16-20
Trinity_Sunday_061911_Being_a_Father_with_the_Lord_Jesus_Christ.WMA Download Trinity_Sunday_061911_Being_a_Father_with_the_Lord_Jesus_Christ.WMA
10/09/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Biblical Vision Part 10, The Time for Leading Reform is Now
Sunday Service Proper 23A Ezra 7: 1, 6-10
Handout for Proper 23A 2011 Ezra 9.doc Download Handout for Proper 23A 2011 Ezra 9.doc
Proper_23A_100911_Biblical_Vision_Part_10_The_Time_for_Leading_Reform_Is_Now.WMA Download Proper_23A_100911_Biblical_Vision_Part_10_The_Time_for_Leading_Reform_Is_Now.WMA

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