"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


PLEASE NOTE: Fr. Bill Midgett will be away on sabbatical over the summer and consequently, no new sermons will be posted after May 27, 2018. Postings should resume again sometime during Septemer 2018. We pray this outreach ministry will continue to be a blessing to you and others who access this site.To God be the Glory!!


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05/27/2018Rev Bill Midgett To Open Up the Book and to Truly Know The One God In The Holy Trinity
Sunday Service, Trinity Sunday Yr B Exodus 3:1-6; John 3:1-17
Trinity_Sunday_052718_To_Open_Up_the_Book_and_to_Truly_Know_The_One_God_In_The_Holy_Trinity.WMA Download Trinity_Sunday_052718_To_Open_Up_the_Book_and_to_Truly_Know_The_One_God_In_The_Holy_Trinity.WMA
05/20/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Witness Recalls the Day the Promise of the Spirit Was Fulfilled
Sunday Service, Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-13; John 14:8-17
A monologue as an eyewitness and participant when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the 120 in Jerusalem on he Day of Pentecost
Pentecost_Day_of_052018_A_Witness_Recalls_the_Day_the_Promise_of_the_Spirit_Was_Fulfilled.WMA Download Pentecost_Day_of_052018_A_Witness_Recalls_the_Day_the_Promise_of_the_Spirit_Was_Fulfilled.WMA
05/13/2018Rev Bill Midgett It's All About the NAME
Sunday Service Easter 7B John 17:11b-19
Easter_7B_051318_What_His_Name_Brings_Us.WMA Download Easter_7B_051318_What_His_Name_Brings_Us.WMA
05/10/2018Rev Bill Midgett The Significance of the Ascension
Ascension Day Service Luke 24:49-53; Acts 1:1-11
Ascension_Day_051018_The_Significance_of_the_Ascension.WMA Download Ascension_Day_051018_The_Significance_of_the_Ascension.WMA
04/29/2018Rev Bill Midgett Promises, Promises, Promises
Sunday Service Easter 5B John 14:15-21
Easter_5B_042918_Promises_Promises_Promises.WMA Download Easter_5B_042918_Promises_Promises_Promises.WMA
04/22/2018Rev Bill Midgett The Goodness of the Good Shepherd
Sunday Service Easter 4B John 10:11-16
Easter_4B_042218_The_Goodness_in_the_Good_Shepherd.WMA Download Easter_4B_042218_The_Goodness_in_the_Good_Shepherd.WMA

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